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Tooth Saviours a Dental Clinic in Jaipur offers high class dental treatment in a spaciously designed modern dental clinic where quality and care is given utmost importance. The clinic boasts of a very advanced, state of the art infrastructure and very professional and award winning staff who believe in providing non invasive painless dental treatment to keep you comfortable throughout. Our clinic is equipped with the most modern dental equipment coupled with a state of the art sterilization facility. Our Clinic in Jaipur offers a wonderful infrastructure, technology, beautiful ambiance and a team of best dentists in Jaipur who are very happy to serve their patients always with a smile

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It feels painful to some patients after the anesthesia wears off at the time of surgery. Only for 2-3 days after the surgery but no worry as the painkillers prescribed by dentist.

This is the very common question asked by every patient and the answer is simply yes but by follow the guideline.

If root canal not get treated then the infected pulp bacteria’s will start making their home in other tooth’s chamber as well. And then situation convert from worse to worst and many other diseases will make their house in human body as well.

It is totally safe and no need to sacrifice your favorite food. Eat whatever you like but only after the complete integration of teeth.


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